Board Of Directors

Mr. Raghvendra Singh

(Managing Director)

Mr. Raghvendra's journey symbolizes the convergence of finance, technology, and an unyielding commitment to spearheading transformative change in development sectors, redefining the narrative of economic empowerment and social progress

Mr. Dev Pratap Singh


Mr. Dev Pratap epitomizes a professional equipped with a dynamic skill set, blending practical grassroots experience with financial acumen, ultimately contributing significantly to fostering inclusive financial systems and rural development initiatives.

Mr. Abhay Pratap Singh


Mr. Abhay Pratap's narrative exemplifies a blend of grassroots experience, strategic vision, and a fervent commitment to empowering rural areas, underscoring his role as a driving force for transformative change in the developmental landscape

Mrs. Deepti Dhawan


Mrs. Deepti's journey epitomizes the fusion of passion, astuteness, and strong financial prowess, culminating in her role as an entrepreneurial trailblazer.

Mrs. Komal J J


Mrs. Komal JJ as a director brings a wealth of fresh ideas, diversity, and an unwavering focus on achieving organizational success.